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Search Engine Optimization Seminars
The ultimate "How to Guide" for search engine optimization success

IMPORTANT: Our search marketing education seminars do NOT require a technical background to learn search marketing best practices. No programming is required.

Every seminar we teach is 100% money back guaranteed.

Time tested methodologies and processes

For over 10 years we have implemented search marketing, internet marketing and technology solutions for clients around the world. We've learned what works, and what doesn't. And now a decade's worth of knowledge is available to you.

Search Engine Optimization Black Belt Seminar

87% of referrals from search engines come from organic search results, NOT PAID SEARCH (source: Jupiter Research)

At this intensive one day seminar, we focus onl the issues pertaining to improving a site's natural/organic rankings. This fast paced, session is designed to reveal both the big-picture strategy and nuts and bolts tactics. Specific flowcharts and checklists support this session. We promise you will walk away a little dazed at all the information presented, but confident that the supporting materials will help you immediately implement and manage your own winning SEO initiative.

  • Cut thru the industry jargon, find the Eternal SEO Truths
  • Learn the SEO Essentials:
    • Figure out the most important keywords and phrases for your website (not as easy as you think)
    • Make your website architecture search engine-friendly
    • Create and execute a winning linking strategy
  • Build on those SEO Essentials with expert tips, tactics, techniques and tools of the trade
  • Focus your optimization efforts on the factors search engines care about, and skip the ones they don't
  • Determine which SEO techniques are right for your specific type of site
  • Avoid the SEO mistakes that actually lower your organic rankings
  • Select the SEO tools that are right for you
  • Get your entire team involved in the SEO process to generate maximum results
  • Measure the metrics that really matter and act on the results
  • Avoid becoming obsolete by staying on top of changing rules & algorithms
  • Take advantage of the search engine's news, local and shopping verticals
  • Implement an ongoing Marketing, PR and Content strategy around SEO
  • Hear real-world case studies that illustrate what to do, and what not to do

Who should attend?

  • Marketing professionals or business owners that need to know:
    • what to do, and
    • specifically how to execute a winning SEO strategy
  • Technologists responsible for implementing SEO, or interested in adding SEO best practices to their professional knowledge

REPEATING: You do NOT need a technical background to benefit from this SEO Black Belt Seminar. No programming is required. You should have a basic understanding of HTML. If you are unsure about this issue, please do not hesitate to call us at (800) 269-0600

SEO Seminars

A partial list of clients for which we have provided consulting services
as we developed the SEO Winning Process™

What You'll Learn
View the seminars' agendas and course outlines. Get the big picture at our Search Marketing 101 seminar. Discover the SEO Winning Process™, a step-by-step guide to generating incremental, qualified web traffic.

Who Should Attend
Online marketers, product managers, web developers, and more: see what this seminar can do for you..

About the Instructor
Designed the SEO Winning Process™ based on 10+ years of Internet and search marketing experience

Custom On-site Training
We also provide custom training to meet your specific needs - on location at your organization.

Consulting Services
Find out more about SE Jones, our full-service Search Marketing firm offering SEO, PPC, user behavior analysis,web-metrics and more.

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